Teutonic Chess Set


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Wooden chess set, of quality and simplicity, completely produced in Germany based on the Staunton 5 model.


Chess board in maple and walnut. Without coordinates, it can be easily used, too, for checkers. With the short edge it becomes more practical, occupying less space on the table but maintaining an excellent playing space with 50 mm squares on the side.

Built-in squares, matte finish, rubber base to prevent the board from sliding, without coordinates, size 450 x 450 x 13 mm, size of the side of the houses: 50 mm.


The “German Classics” pieces produced by Eurochess, made in Germany in beech wood, are simply weighed for stability (700g).

King height 9.5 cm; King’s Base: 3.5 cm in diameter

The pieces are kept in a cloth bag.


Total Weight: 5 kg

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 15 cm


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