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Merex 600 is the DGT 2010 little brother and manufactured by DGT especially for Philos which stands for production. It has the same features as the 2010, but it is less expensive because it does not stand FIDE logo on the clock.
This product has a 3 year extended warranty!

Predefined time settings for several games (Chess, Scrabble, Go, etc.)

– professional chess clock
– 36 factory preset options for quick and easy use, Fide / Fischer / Bronstein modes
– saves all manual settings
– easy to use
– large display with more information
– time and move counter corrections are possible during the match
– optional acoustic warning signal in case of imminent expiry of time for consideration
– warning for low battery condition
– extreme energy efficiency

Playing instructions: DE, GB, FR, ES, NL, RU

Official DGT 2010 webpage:

Weight: 0.6 Kg


Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 10 cm


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